Vortex Construction is a general building and general engineering firm. We have been building from concept to design to completion since 1990. From raw earth to finished building on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations.

Customer satisfaction is achieved through cost effective solutions to project requirements. We stay in touch with our industry so we can offer the most up to date materials and methods. Understanding and employing the latest technology leads to better quality and higher productivity leading us back to where we started; customer satisfaction.

Over the last twenty one years Vortex has participated in a variety of construction markets. We worked for individual home owners and later for companies as large as United Parcel Service. For the last twelve years we have been involved in the public works sector working for the Department of Defense, Bureau of Land Management, the State of California, and various local government offices. No matter who or what the project, home owner or Government contracting officer we treat everyone with respect.

Our experience across such a great variety of markets has shown us that with communication and commitment each project becomes a team event. We consider our customer to be a part of the team not an adversary. Communicating each step of the way with transparency and accountability leads to trust.

We hope that if you have a project ready to go or just an idea of what you would like to build you will give us a chance to be part of your team.


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